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The DD-610 is our most popular size trailer and the one we recommend to at least start out with unless you want or need a 2 axel or larger trailer. This size has everything you need to have a successful business and holds a 7 cubic feet freezer. There is a DD-610SP model as well if you want a deep fryer but has a smaller grill. Both trailers measure 6'x10'.

DD-610 Exterior


  • 30# Propane Tank

  • Single Axle

  • 3 Concession Windows

  • Wrap around Marquee

  • Detachable Tongue

  • Lightweight, Easy to Tow

  • Easy to keep Clean!








Add-On Options


  • Storm windows


  • Air Conditioning


  • Custom additions available

DD-610 Interior


  • 3 FT. Propane Grill

  • Complete Water System / Commercial Kitchen

  • Overhead and side florescent lighted awnings 

  • 3 Large Sinks & 1 Hand sink

  • Overhead storage

  • 4 Floor drain plugs

  • 3  Counters

  • Circuit Breaker box

  • Easy to keep Clean!






Add-On Options


  • Shelves


  • Custom additions available

DD-610 Color Chart

This trailer is available in these colors. Our color is applied to the trailer ......

Note: Color may vary depending on your monitor







Model DD-610 


Overall Width 6’ 1”


Overall Length 10’ 2”


Overall Height 8’ 


Inside Width 5’11”


Inside Length 10’


Inside Height 7’


Gross Weight 1550# 


Axles One


Tongue Weight 200#


Hitch Height 20”


Coupler 2” Ball


Tires B78x13.6 Ply

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