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Getting Started

We are the only company to offer both, an optional "turn-key" start-up business license agreement (similar to a franchise but NO royalty fees!!) with the Dan's Deli trademark and network in place and the "best" trailers!

You can surely do it on your own but consider the "Dan's Deli Business Kit" option along with total Training of the whole business! There are already 45+ Dan's Deli trailers up and running to help and "network" with throughout the country!

We are the first in the industry to offer BOTH quality fiberglass trailers, and an optional "recession-proof" business model and track record established over 17 YEARS ago. "Work for yourself but NOT by yourself"….

The food concession business is the best business in the world!

Be your own BOSS!
Own your own Business!
Everyday is PAYDAY!

There are over 300,000 fairs, festivals and special events for you and your concession trailer to participate in around the country annually. This means you should NEVER BE OUT OF WORK as a concessionaire.

People who are exploring the idea of purchasing a concession trailer always tell us their new ideas and flavors, or health food concepts. Some may very well work but it could be a very expensive and time consuming process to experience. Our suggestion is to stay with the tried and true of what already works out there and maybe add a specialty item here and there to experiment. We recommend not "re-creating the wheel" here. There are many tried and true items that already work and have great profit margins!! If you are considering a Dan's Deli license agreement, we have some great tasting and in demand foods all ready set up that our customers go out of their way for to eat!!

Our concept is simple, functional and profitable.

  1. Purchase Payment Options - Cash, Finance or Lease - Apply Today
  2. Purchase a License Agreement
  3. Purchase one of our light weight all fiberglass concession trailers with a pre-existing Dan's Deli set-up design in place, or customize our design to make it uniquely yours.
  4. Receive on job training
  5. Find your perfect location

License Agreement

So you want to be in the restaurant business! That's Great! You may have some background in the cooking / restaurant
field, or some prior business experience, or just the working world, yet you're a little uncertain as to how to proceed.
That's the way I felt, but I took the plunge anyway! I was in no way prepared for what happened to me! If you
could have told me that I would have to close my doors of my original business after just three months, I would not
have believed it! But it happened, even after 6 years of careful planning. What went wrong? Simple, in all the other
businesses I was involved in, I was there to run and control them, this one I wasn't. And the simple truth is... if you can't
control your operation, chances are you're going to fail…... So what's the answer? One solution is a Dan's Deli license agreement. It is effective, inexpensive and just makes good sense. With a one-time initial fee, and NO
percentage of your future earnings, you're in total control of your operations. The only thing that would cause you to lose
your license agreement is if you should engage in any illegal activity, or improper business practice that you would be
associated with that would reflect negatively on the name of  "Dan's Deli".

Our concept is simple, functional and profitable. You simply purchase one of our light weight all fiberglass concession
trailers with a pre-existing Dan's Deli set-up design in place, or customize our design to make it uniquely yours.
The design will be yours, however, we would be happy to give you some ideas based on our years of experience.
Ultimately the final design decision will be yours. As to where and when you set up business, the list is endless! The best part is that all the Dan's Deli benefit from each other's exposure. By using the business name on your card at festivals, fairs, carnivals, or street vending, you will add to the overall visibility of all Dan's Deli License owners (i.e. all advertising for each other.)

As an example, when someone buys a sandwich from a Dan's Deli vender at a festival in southern Ohio and
then sees your stand in central Ohio and remembered how great that sandwich was, they will be tempted to try one of
yours. Of course you may not sell all the same exact items as other Dan's Deli venders sell, but maybe one of your
specialties, say Dan's Deli ice cream catches their eye. That's the beauty of this concept, you own it, and you control your own products and inventory. The image you convey is that you are a part of a chain of Dan's Deli found all over Ohio and spreading in many other states as well! Just think of it, small enough to control, yet the look of a major
chain! If this sounds like the way you would like to run your food establishment, keeping the control yet looking like a major chain operation, just contact us and set up a appointment for a consultation. If you would prefer to phone in your
license agreement evaluation form, we will personally take it over the phone. When it is approved, you will be notified and a meeting will be set up. Upon signing the license agreement and payment of the initial fee, you will be ready to join our expanding family of Dan's Deli…..


What are you waiting for, come join our family!

And remember... "Nothing ventured nothing gained."

Contact Us today to get Started.

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